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USB or Serial Cable UPS

Inexpensive UPSs for home office or small business can often be connected to a computer via USB or serial cable. Current models support the “HID UPS Battery” profile and are recognised by Windows as a battery without the need to install a manufacturer-specific driver.

OPMONis uses the “Windows Management Instrumentation” (WMI) application interface to query the status of the UPS via Windows.

When you add a new WMI typed UPS, you have to click on the “Search” button to select the UPS device.

The “Add UPS” dialog lists all available UPSs detected by Windows. You can click on the “Refresh” button to update the list if you have connected a new UPS while the dialog is opened.

If your UPS is not listed in the dialog, there might be a problem with the vendor specific driver. Some drivers (i.e. APC) disable the WMI access to the UPS so that OPMONis is no longer able to query the UPS state. In this case you need to switch back to the default “HID UPS Battery” driver.