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Operating Mode Automatic / Manual

By default, the configured mode on OPMONis is “Automatic”. In this mode OPMONis is monitoring the state of the registered UPSs and will trigger a shutdown of all systems as soon as the configured threshold is reached (e. g. as result of a blackout).

On the upper left, right next to the name of the actual operating mode you´ll find the button “change mode”.

Switch Operating Mode

After clicking you will be asked if you are sure to switch to manual mode:

Dialog Switch to Manual Operating Mode

In this mode the automatic shutdown triggering is deactivated.

While you are in manual mode you can manually trigger shutdown or startup of your systems.

The manual mode can be useful for testing the configurations or for planned shutdowns for maintenance or hardware changings.

You should also set the manual operating mode if you want to calibrate the runtime of your UPSs, which mostly is done by a forced discharge. Else the calibration will result in a shutdown because most (cheaper) UPSs don´t deliver different data for calibration and blackout, so by reaching the set thresholds OPMONis will shut your systems down.

To enable the automatic mode, just click on the “change mode” button again. OPMONis will enable the automatic mode without any confirmation.


Important: While in manual mode, no automatic shutdown will happen when thresholds are reached. It is required to set OPMONis back to “automatic mode” as soon as you have finished testing or maintenance.