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Email Server Settings


Email Sender The Email address used as sender Email address in the generated notification Email.
Email Recipient The Email address which will receive the notification Email.

Multiple Email addresses can be added as a semicolon delimited list.

Smtp Server The DNS Name or IP Address of the SMTP server where the Email is delivered.
Smtp Server Port The TCP Port used to communicate with the SMTP Server.

The default SMTP TCP Port is 25. For encrypted SMTP connections (SMTP Over SSL) often the port 465 is used.

Use SSL By activation of this checkbox the communication with the SMTP server is encrypted by using „STARTTLS“. (Secure SMTP over Transport Layer).
Username If the SMTP server requires authentication, the username must be entered here.
Password If the SMTP server requires authentication, the password must be entered here.

By using the button “Test”, a test Email can be send any time without the need to save the entered configuration data. If sending the test Email was successful, the message “Test Email sent successfully.” is displayed on the right side of the button. If sending the test Email fail, the error message is displayed instead.