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Manage your Systems

Add a new System

The button “plus” will allow you to add your system:

System Administration: Add a new System

After clicking this button, a new window will open asking to choose between:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • ESXi host (or vCenter Server)
  • ESXi Client (VM)
  • free ESXi
  • free ESXi host (VM)
  • XenServer Host
  • XenServer Client (VM)
  • Hyper-V Host
  • Hyper-V Client (VM)

Depending on your license, not all system types will be available.

Dialog Add New System

Also, you will be asked to give a name to the system. The device is now added, but still needs some more information to allow OPMONis the communication needed.

Refresh System State

The button “refresh” is reloading the actual state (online, offline, request) of the controlled systems.

Refresh System Information

By starting the GUI, an actual state is loaded. After the loading at start a new status will only loaded by clicking this button.

Delete a System

With the button “recycle bin” you can remove a system from the monitoring.

Delete System