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The UPS-Monitoring is taking care of all UPS that are allocated in your system. Depending on your license you can use any UPS that is recognized by Windows and which status can be queried by “WMI” or – additional in a higher license – all UPSs connected by network (Or UPS that provide their data via SNMPv1). Like this it is possible to use the much cheaper UPSs that are lacking a network interface card, too.

OPMONis is monitoring two different values of the UPSs. First is the remaining runtime (in minutes) and second is the battery capacity (in percent). Both can be chosen via a checkbox simultaneous or separately.

The main advantage of monitoring the remaining time is a better measurability and thus a better adjustability. Capacity is only a relative value which can change over time e.g. when the battery is worn out.