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OPMONis provides different versions for purchase:

Version Features
Trial 30 days free access to all features
Free ESXi Up to 10 systems under free VMware vSphere Hypervisor
UPS connected by USB or serial cable
Small Business Up to 10 systems,
UPS connected by USB or serial cable
Standard Unlimited Systems,
UPS connected by USB or serial cable
UPS connected by Network

Detailed information about the licenses and prices can be found on our licensing page.

While installing, OPMONis will automatically generate a trial license valid for 24 hours. This trial license enables all available features and allows you to test OPMONis without any registration.
If you want to test OPMONis for a longer period, you have to obtain your personal 30 days free trial license in the OPMONis online shop.

More information about obtaining a trial license: https://opmonis.com/get-trial-license-v2/