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Order, Task, Action and Protocol

OPMONis is working with orders (e.g. shutdown the systems). An order is containing different tasks (each system represents a task). Each task is grouped into different actions (e.g. shutdown command, query state). For all this OPMONis is using different protocols to be able to perform the required actions on your systems.

In Detail

OPMONis is using different orders depending on the situation, triggered automatically or manually by the user.

Situation Order
USV discharging and threshold reached Shutdown
USV charging and threshold exceeded Power On
User triggering shutdown (manual mode) Shutdown
User triggering Power On (manual mode) Power On
User triggered refresh Request Status

An order is proceeded by creating the different tasks on every configured system. The systems will be processed in the order displayed in the configuration.
A cancellation of an order is possible after completion of a task. As example an order can be cancelled, when the power supply has been reestablished and OPMONis is starting a new task and the charge level of the UPS is exceeds the set thresholds.

OPMONis distinguishes three different tasks:

  1. Status Request
  2. System Shutdown
  3. System Power On

The different tasks use several different actions to reach the desired goal of a task.